Conscious Culture

Intuition and awakened sensibility guide the growth of your project.incense

  • Meditation, intuition, awareness and awakening have always been essential in my approach to living.
  • In consulting, I apply intuitive sensibilities developed through deep exposure and engagement in the meditative path.
  • My interest is to help you create something lasting and meaningful.
  • Together we can create a framework for the future, through awakening of the consciousness within.

Cultural connection

  • I bring an immersive understanding of culture on many levels: personal, in community and in the world at large.
  • Media understanding is crucial in today’s culture.  As McLuhan said, “Culture is our business.”
  • As a writer and producer of art-based media projects, I bring cultural innovation and the ability to take the right risks.

Clear and easy support for your project

  • I bring an understanding of media technologies and their uses: in community development, advertising, personal expression, business, and art.
  • A pioneer in using independent media for social change, I deeply understand the relationships between technology and our social environment.
  • My McLuhan-based studies on media, technology and culture guide my methods of using and understanding media.

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