About Carol Sill

Taking your text to publication. As an editor and publisher, Carol assists authors in self-publishing their fiction, poetry and non-fiction titles.

Books: from manuscript to publication.
I help select clients prepare and produce books, websites, newsletters, and other publications.
Experienced in both substantive editing and copy editing, I offer sensitive editorial services combining honed editorial skills with intuitive understanding of the author’s voice.
I also manage production, layout and design for entrepreneurial book publishing, print on demand, and ebooks.

Websites and Social Media
Working at human scale to connect clients with their audiences, I have been quietly producing quality WordPress websites for individuals and small business clients since 2006. I have also provided Shopify e-commerce sites, newsletters, strategic content marketing as well as social media integration.

Carol Sill is a graduate of the SFU Publishing Intensive program for trade book publication. Skilled in both substantive editorial work as well as standard copy-editing and proofreading, she is as familiar in online publication work as she is with traditional print media. She has shepherded books and articles from a variety of genres into publishable form, ranging from biography, how-to, and poetry to new age and interview-based documentation. She also has experience in taking academic thesis studies into a more populist article format.

Her services are rooted in sound editorial practice, but they don’t stop with text. Carol’s experience with copyright search and business considerations ensure that your work is completely consistent with required standards. She provides basic layout and cover creation for your publication, and can refer you to creative professional associates.

Carol was the editor and member of the production team for Ann Mortifee’s acclaimed best-seller, In Love with the Mystery, which was selected by Oprah in her “Things I Know for Sure” series. She currently manages the Shamcher Archives and has republished several books by Shamcher Bryn Beorse, including Fairy Tales are True, Every Willing Hand, Man and This Mysterious Universe, and Planet Earth Demands. For these, she also wrote extensive introductions for the contemporary reader.

As a writing instructor at Langara College she taught basic introductory writing courses, as well as Writing the Opinion Piece and Research Skills for Writers and Reporters. At Vancouver Film School she taught and developed curricula for the New Media Department, including Writing for Interactivity, History of Multimedia, Portfolio Development, and New Media Marketing. She has participated in panels and forums, and led various international workshops and events. As well as work for clients, her independent interactive productions include Electric Living in Canada, Mediaprobes, and Open Source Spirit.


  • PUBLICATIONS: Simon Fraser University – Substantive Editing, Copy Editing, Proofreading, Trade Book Publishing. Banff Publishing Workshop – Magazine Production
  • UNIVERSITY OF CALGARY – Film Studies, Art History, Literature
  • INDEPENDENT STUDY – McLuhan Communications Theory (with Eric McLuhan, Barrington Nevitt), Sufism (with Shamcher Bryn Beorse, Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan, Hidayat Inayat Khan and others)